Our innovative Talent Assessment while recruiting solution- A well Complimented solution to identify right talent mapping with right job role to Improve productivity and attrition.
Each one of us is blessed with multiple talents… identifying, grooming and mapping it with right place and right time lead to true success.

Although most companies; assess the candidates based on their experience, qualification and skills. The evaluation mechanism is very generic and pre known to the candidates. Even when assessments such as personality tests or psychometric tests are used to evaluate the behavior aspects of the candidate, it is generally preset mind of the recruiter who determines the test results impact on the overall evaluation process. Resulting-

  • Higher Cost and Time for resource development.
  • Low revenue per employee.
  • Lower productivity.
  • Higher attrition.
  • Low on employee engagement.

Our innovative talent assessment solution ensures you hire the best candidate matching with your job requirement and minimize your assessment cost as well as save administration time.
Our analytics based innovative solution offers a well-structured approach to identify right matching candidate for a specified job role by following steps-
1.Inherent Skills measurement: Identification of one’s Inherent Skills including his learnability and environmental impact.
2.Acquired Skills measurement: A comprehensive and integrated written test to identify potential area of interest for individual and area dominance where they are likely to be succeeding in the career.
3.Domain specific written test in case of experienced candidates to evaluate their domain specific knowledge.
4.Mapping of all the collected data through software tool to generate report on existing and potential talent of individual.
5.Based on reports, discussion with Domain Expert, a suitability report of individual with reference job role and functions are designed and customized.
6.Our continuous association with you enable us to fine tune the suitability of individual with respect to the job role in the career progression of individual.
Key Differentiator

  • Comprehensive evaluation process facilitated by domain experts.
  • Objective selection process based on data rather than subjectivity.
  • Emphasis on alignment of inherent and acquired skills with Job role to ensure better mapping with Job role and long association.
  • Domain specific written test in case of experienced candidates.
  • Better alignment more likely leads to better productivity, fast learning and higher employee engagement.