Our analytic based innovative solution and customized modules guide individual to select the right job function and Industry to build their career as well as providing them best career direction suiting to their skills and their interest,

Assessment of skill set

Our solution comprises of detailed analysis of inheriting and acquired skills of individual, their learnability as well as their interest level. Our subject matter experts identify the skill gap of individual by matching the measured skill sets of the individual with the standard industry requirement and guide individual to upgrade their skill level. Our career solutions accounted all the dimensions including social-economic behavior, environmental impact .etc. of individual.

We promised you to create an equitable platform for all the undergraduate engineers across the nation to access the right career direction based on their capability and best available market demand for maximum results in the career.

Our Innovative Approach of skill set assessment comprises of following -

  • Measurement of natural and acquired skills of individual by analytical tools and advance scientific technique as per defined criteria.
  • Verification and Validation of measured skills through interaction with Subject matter expert.
  • Identification of top 3 options of career for individual in which they are likely to succeed by mapping the career function suited to their overall measures skill set and the industry based skill demand in the market place.
  • Comparison of measured skill sets with the preset Industry standards for selecting the best career option as well as to identify the skill gap.
  • Provide guidance to select the best career option based on measured skills and discussion with expert of the relevant field at very early stage of the career.
  • Career counseling to select right career direction and to understand the required skill set to achieve the desired career level.
  • Counseling of the individual and their guardian (if required) to conclude the career direction, current skill level and skill gap.


What will you get from us after the exercise-?

A true picture of your own skill set with respect to competition and industry requirement. You will understand your current skillset including your inherent qualities, your aptitude, your learnability as well as your current skill benchmarking with respect to Industry/competition. You will also get to know your potential short term and long term Career direction including milestone in between.

Career Path Design

After assessing the skill level of the student and finalize his desired career direction, our subject matter experts of the industry, design the career path of the individual. Our 4 level processes to provide right career direction to the individual-
1. Identification of short term and long term career objective.
2. Benchmark the skill set requirement based on industry / corporate requirement to achieve the short term as well as long term career objective.
3. Mapping of preferred job role and function based on skill set of the student as well as industry fitment.
4. Design of career path defining long term and short term goal as well as skill set required to achieving the career target.
A sample report for point no 3 and 4 is given below for reference-
Report of point no. 3 –

Point no. 4- Sample Career Path if you choose to pursue the career in Engineering:-
Based on your pursue career in Data Analyst, below is your career path.

To enhance the effectivity of the process and match the career path with the dynamics of industry requirement, we are monitoring the career path of individual for next 5 years and fine tune it on time to time basis to match with the market requirement. We connect with the student on half yearly basis to assess the progress of individual. The assessment can be done by conducting required tests / counselling periodically.

What will you get from us after the exercise-?

A clear visibility of your short and long term career where you are likely to get succeed. The entire midst mile stone with coaching / training requirement to achieve career objective is well defined. You will be fully aligned with the dynamic industry requirement. Ultimately you will be more focused and able to save your plenty of time and energy in finding right career direction. Also high quality training will be available to you on time to time basis.

Skill Development

After freezing the career path of individual and Identifying the skill gaps as well as development requirements for individual, the next step is to upgrade the current skill set of the student as per industry standard on time to time basis. The required identified trainings will be conducted on and when required. We are providing multiple cost effective skill development opportunities at the door step to each individuals to enhance their skill set as per dynamic Industry requirements. We will do it by following ways-

1. Facilitate right trainings for individual at lowers than market rate at most appropriate location.
2. Assess the progress of individual and identify skill development requirements by conducting required tests periodically.
3. Continuous monitoring the quality of training and content.
4. Placement assistance at right place in the Industry after completion of courses.

With the help of collaboration with our training partners we arrange cost effective quality training/coaching for students at nearest locations.

What will you get from us after the exercise-?

Our continuous association with you for next 5 years enable you to understand your skill development progress periodically. You skill development direction will always be aligned with the market dynamics and hence your chances of employability will be much higher than others. You will get right trainings at right time by subject matter expert and at lower than market rate.