Our innovative Employability Enhancement Solutions

A well Complimented solution to Educational Institutes to Improve Employability

Our solution offers a well-structured approach to shape up student’s career while studying and prepare him/her employment ready by the time finish education.Our analytics based innovative solution and customized modules guide individual to select the right job function in the right Industry to build their career as well as facilitate trainings to nurture required skill sets to them so that they become success in the career.

Our innovative Approach consist of following steps

  • Identifying one’s Inherent and Acquired skills using our tools and techniques.
  • Design pragmatic Career path best suitable and in which one would likely to succeed faster. i.e. a Mechanical engineer’s career could be in design/development/ R &D/testing/production/services etc.
  • GAP analysis with respect to Entry level industry ready state.
  • Domain expert from industry recommends specific training programs to fill the gap. Programs offered within Campus.
  • Periodic Assessment and course correction if any till completion.
  • Recommendation and Interview assistance with relevant Employers.

Advantages to the Institutes

  • Career planning and monitoring of the students during study.
  • Extended utilization of existing infrastructure of the college.
  • Exposure to real time industry projects.
  • Faculty development in specific domain.
  • Real time industry – institute collaboration.
  • Helpful in different audits and compliances.
  • Employability enhancement of the students in all the domain.